Bottpower cafe racer, version two.

Some months ago we published several renders of the first version of the cafe racer we are working on.

Here you have the renders of version two. As you can see it is quite similar, with changes in the fueltank and tail design.

Bottpower cafe racer, version 2.
Bottpower cafe racer, version 2.
Bottpower cafe racer, version 2.
Bottpower cafe racer, version 2.
Bottpower cafe racer, version 2.
Bottpower cafe racer, version 2.

Which version do you prefer, one or two?

In following posts we will show several variants more and some extras we are working on for this bike (like a cupolino). We will show also some photos of the prototype we are building.
Meanwhile we would like to have your comments. Thank you!

8 replies on “Bottpower cafe racer, version two.

  • David Sánchez

    Hello Tanner,

    Thank you for your comment.
    Regarding the cafe racer, the idea behind this design is that most of the components (frame, subframe, secondary tanks, air intake, footpegs, etc) are common with the XR1, so it will be easy to transform a XR1 into a XC1 and vice versa. Having one kit you only need a few extra parts to build the other one.
    So, most of the parts (80%) are already available with the XR1 kit.
    The rest of the parts (mainly seat and tank) I think will be available after the summer.

  • Andreas

    I vote for this tail, but the tank from version one, or am I excluded from voting? 😉

  • fabio

    I understand I’m unknown and my comment might be overrun, but I follow your page and in the past I partecipated asking some infos and, just for reference, here my caferacer built in my garage.
    I think that is project is fantastic but I also think your caferacer is to heavy (tank and tail) while the beauty of the bott concept is simple and nimble.
    currently I have no time to go for a new special but I’m a buell enthusiast, I had 3, a wlsw1, an xb12, and again a cg, and I’m a future customer for one of your fantastic kit to make my cafe racer………

  • Tracy B.

    Hey Guys,lo

    I think you nailed it with version two. I guess I am easy to please. I will say I am not a big HD fan but find myself loving all things Cafe’ as I grow older and move more away from Sportbikes. The Buell’s are easy to find and cheap to buy so any kit that makes them a formittable entry into the cafe scene is something that really interests me. I will be calling to ask about your seat and tank along with other kit costs in the near future. Again, great job!

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