Pikes Peak project: Chapter two.

Finally we received the two Buell XBRR that we will use as donor bikes for building our XR1R Pikes Peak racer.

Buell XBRR bikes

Buell XBRR bikes

We have these bikes thanks to two of our best customers.
Andreas Kuehnle from Germany helped us to buy the XBRR number one (the one we will use for the race) and Peter Buedts, from Belgium, loaned us his XBRR. We will use it as a backup bike, this means that we would use its engine only if something happens to the engine of the bike number one.
As you can imagine, we are very grateful to Andreas and Peter. They show us that the best active that Bottpower has are its customers. We hope to meet with them in June in Pikes Peak!

Once we finish the race, we will assembly again both XBRR bikes. For building our XR1R we do not need to modify any XBRR component, so it will be very easy to rebuild the XBRRs. In fact both bikes needed a good review, so once the race is finished they will be much better than they are now. In fact they should be as new.

First step has been to disassembly bike number one to check that our frame fits correctly in the engine. I was worried because the heads could be higher than the ones of the standard XB engines, causing some kind of interference with the frame. Fortunately that was not the case and the frame fitted perfectly.

Buell XBRR engine with Bottpower frame

In the XBRR, the engine intakes are vertical, with two huge throttle bodies. As you can see in the next photo, it is necessary to move them away from the middle plane of the bike, because we want to keep our frame in between.

Buell XBRR engine with Bottpower frame

In order to do it, first step has been to scan the original XBRR conduits. There are two, one for each head, and both are exactly the same. This is the real conduit:

Buell XBRR bikes

Buell XBRR bikes

And here you have a couple of images of the scanned one:

Buell XBRR bikes

Buell XBRR bikes

Using these scanned conduits as a reference, we will design the new ones that will allow to place the frame in between both throttle bodies. We won’t change the angle and position that the injectors have with respect the engine head.
Once we have the new conduits designed, we will print them in plastic to check that everything fits correctly and if everything is OK, we will build the final conduits in metal. We still must decide which material and manufacturing process we will use to build the new conduits. The XBRR ones are made in magnesium.

Meanwhile we have disassembled the engine number one to check that everything is correct, and to replace whatever is necessary in order to keep the engine in perfect running condition.

16 replies on “Pikes Peak project: Chapter two.

  • Jeremy Lacy

    I love seeing the progress! I live in Denver so I may have to make the drive down to Colorado Springs this year to see the Pike’s Peak race! Keep up the great work!

  • Mike

    It’s quite amazing how mr Bottpower describes each step both from the tech and the project management points of view. Keep up the good work!

  • Chuck Aagaard

    I’m glad you addressed keeping the XBRR bikes complete upon finishing the race. The Buell family is pretty protective of what’s left…especially the super rare stuff!

    • David Sánchez

      Hi Chuck.. I think this project is a nice way to give some life to a couple of bikes that were not in perfect condition, and that probably wouldn’t be never ridden on a track again. 🙂

  • bob johnson

    i can’t wait to see how she performs. making plans to go to Pikes Peak and see it in person. maybe even bring mine along
    for the ride.

  • Keenan

    I was about to go postal seeing these engines being removed from XBRR’s..but they’ll be put back, so I can relax

  • Dennis Bogott

    Travis Newbold has the rider skills and mechanical ability to win his class again. Couple that with careful and methodical preparation made by Bott Power on the Buell will produce a winner. Thanks for your support of local talent!

  • David Sánchez

    Hi Dennis, we are really happy for having Travis on our bikes. We will do our best to give him a good bike!
    Thank you for your support! 🙂

  • John Turney

    I met Travis for the first time back in September on a riding trip in the Himalayas we were riding Royal Enfields. Travis is one hell of character and if any guy can get the Bott to the top he will. Witnessing him wheeling a standard 500 Royal Enfield up a Himalayan mountain pass was truly great. I will be following with great interest, all the luck to you all and Travis is your man!👍

    • David Sánchez

      Hi John, thank you very much for your support.
      Yes, I am sure that working with Travis is going to be a great experience. We are really excited and looking forward to see him riding our bike. 🙂

  • Dave Przygocki

    Having been part of a dealership effort racing XB12TT and an 1125R, including piloted by Brian Anderson (a past Pikes Peak m/c winning rider) when there were still dirt and paved sections, let me suggest you practice, practice, practice. Each corner is unique. I hope to be there in 2017 to see a Buell climb America’s mountain again. Race to the Clouds is America’s 2nd oldest motor sport race, only Indy 500 is older.

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