First XR1 kit ready to go!

Although the BOTT XR1 kit is not officially on sale yet, we are building a few “trial production” units which will be sold to customers with high mechanical skills. We want them to assembly their XR1 and give us their feedback to help us to improve our product.

BOTT XR1 kit.

The first kit is already built and ready to be shipped to his owner in the United States.

BOTT XR1 kit.

In this case the customer wanted the fueltank and the seat painted in glossy black, and the footrests in raw aluminium. The frame and subframe are black powder coated.

BOTT XR1 kit.

As you can see we have created a new seat with two number plates, one at each side. The original seat had only one plate at the right side. This new design is closed at the rear, while the previous one was open.

BOTT XR1 seat / tail.

The kit has five carbon fiber parts. Both the top fueltank and the seat are fiberglass, although they can be built with carbon fiber as an option.

BOTT XR1 kit.

The kit includes a lithium Ballistic battery (much smaller and lighter than the original one), the oil radiator with the oil lines, a Motogadget display, the headlights, and all the bolts necessary to assembly the kit.

54 replies on “First XR1 kit ready to go!

  • alex

    I would not use ballistic or any other battery that uses cheap unknown cells – moty and others use high quality a123 cells and are the same price.

    • David Sánchez

      Hi Alex, we will investigate those batteries you mention, although we have been testing the bike with the Ballistic and we didn’t have any problem. I know of several friends who have been using it on a Buell without any problem also. Thank you for your feedback!! 🙂

  • Marc

    Hello, is the kit complying with TUV standards? I’m Italy and I would like to convert a XB into a street legal XR1.

    • David Sánchez

      Hi Marc, the bike is not street legal yet. We are working on it.
      Meanwhile, each customer must make himself the necessary bureaucratic process to make the bike street legal.

  • David Sánchez

    Hi Yann, currently we are working to make it legal in Spain. Once it is legal in Spain I think it will be very easy to make it legal in the rest of Europe.

  • Daniel Elliott

    Hi. Has anyone considered using a Ulysses as the base bike yet?

    I’m keen to get approximate prices. Been keeping an eye out for the last year and a bit, I’m not sure if I’m dreaming or I can make this a reality.

    • David Sánchez

      Hi Daniel. We used a Ulysses as a donor bike for the first XR1 we built (the one on the photos we have published in Bottpower).
      We will send you the prices by email. Of course you can make it real, it is not so difficult! 🙂

  • Bas

    Hey David,
    Love your work!
    Any chance you can send me the parts and price list of the XR1? Although it’s pretty obvious where the parts go, does the kit come with some kind of manual (like a list of what tensions too use on the bolts)? And do the frames come with a serial number engraved, or are they blanc? Thanks zmate

  • Bradford

    This looks like a great kit that make a great bike better. I would like an approximate price as well. Do you have any plans to spice up any other bikes?

  • David Sánchez

    Hi Bas and Bradford. Thank you for your interest on the XR1 project. I will send you the price list by email. Yes, we are making an assembly manual with all the information necessary to assembly the kit.
    Because the bike is not street legal yet, the frame doesn’t have any serial number. At this point each customer must make the bureaucracy to make the bike street legal himself.
    Currently we are working on a cafe racer project, based also on the XR1 frame.

  • Thilo Frisch

    Hello I am interested in your XR1 kit and would like some pricing also wanted to know if the kit can be offered with or without number plate on the tail section? Thank you for any assistance in this area. Awesome bike!!!

  • Skoumbis

    Hello this looks like a very interesting project
    Can you please sent me a price list
    Thank you

  • David Sánchez

    Hi Thilo and Skoumbis, thank you for your interest. I will email you the price list.
    Regarding the seat, yes it can be made with 0, 1 and 2 number plates.

  • Dominique Neal

    I won an 2004 xb12s lightning. Will the kit fit this model. And what is the MSRP of the kit. How many hours did it take to make the conversion. Thanks!


    • David Sánchez

      Hi Dominique,

      Yes, the kit fits your Buell.
      It is possible to assembly the kit quite fast. It is not necessary to weld or modify any part. I could do it in a couple of days, and I guess that a person not used to do it could make it in 3 or 4 days.
      I will email you with the kit price information.
      Thank you!

  • Thomas

    Hy Daniel..
    I want to give U my compliments for your product!!!it’s something amazing!!!
    like the others riders, i’m also interested to know the price list, cause i want to build up a mine XR1…
    and also info for have the kit here in Italy…
    many thanks to all Bottpower technology!!!

  • Richard Hinely

    You have a real winner in this kit! In the USA several years ago there was a class for racing twin cylinder bikes, including Harleys, called The Battle of The Twins or BOTT. I’m ready to build one, and will paint it orange and black to match the XR750 I own. With Buell and BOTT logos!

  • Clint

    Hi David.
    I am also interested in your XR1 conversion kit.
    Please email price/details to my provided email address.
    Tail unit to have 0 numberplates.
    Tail/seat, and tank, to be Carbon Fibre.
    Thank you.

  • clint

    A price/details to my email too., please
    CF tank and seat

    Also, is there much technical difference between XB and 1125R/1125CR that this kit cannot use one of these as a donor?

  • robert

    Hi David, i would like to know the price of this amazing bike kit and how long it take to have it availlable. thanks.

  • Peter

    Hi David, have a Firebolt and been waiting for a long time for the Bott to go on sale. Would appreciate the price list emailed to me for complete kit and each item separately listed. Do you also ship to South Africa? Thanks, great work.

  • Geoff Brehaut

    Hi, could you please email me the price for the kit in CF and glassfibre (black) with no number plates. Also shipping per kit to Australia?
    I freakin love this bike, I hope I can get one down here!

  • Mike Knaggs

    Can you send me the parts list and kit price for the two number plate seat section kit with shipping to the US? I am ready to build my XR-1!

  • Paolo

    Hello, I am interested in your kit, if possible could you send me the price list via email?
    Would it be possible to send the parts in Italy??
    Congratulations for the fantastic bike!!

    Ciao Paolo

  • Mistergus

    Hi david
    Can you send me your price list by mail please ?
    Im in France but i can Come to meet you , i think i can build something rad …

  • francesco enrico

    Ciao sarei interessato al kit volevo sapere se esiste un listino dei vari pezzi e se esiste già una omologazione a livello europeo .In attesa di una risposta ci tengo a farvi i miei complimenti per il fantastico progetto!!!
    Ciao Francesco

  • Pavel

    You’re doing an great job guys! The bike is absolutely awesome! No other bike could compete with it in the visual appearance. And of course it’s sounds gooood.
    P.S. could you please email me the price for the kit.
    P.P.S. From Russia with love


    ciao hola
    David Sánchez tiene el dinero comprar ahora! el bott ah salvó amantes tuti de buell que después de este proyecto no se vende más porque su moto, tendrá un valor mucho más … y luego el motor harley Davinson lo que quiere de la vida y una inmortal motocicleta ..
    gracias Bottpower. cristian.

  • Chris

    Hey guys, nice work on a sharp dress! What about the front mask with lights, will they comeas a seperate kit ? Will use this for my Speed Triple…Cheers, from Berlin dudes.

  • martin tsvetanov

    hi ,nice project really like it….thinking to have something similar in future….can you mail me a price list please…..thanks

  • Benni

    Hello David,
    am following your site now for a long time. I am also interested in a price list (glassfiber). When can we expect news of the cafe racer version? Whats about the project to get em street legal.

    Greetz from Switzerland

  • Tim

    (from the United States of America)
    Excellent bikes! If you don’t mind shedding some light on where the design concepts come from to create this beautiful and tasteful machine?
    I am also interested in the front panel assembly from this XR1 kit for my ’11 Harley Davidson XR1200x

  • Dean Hodel

    I am a race tech been building bikes for a long time specifically buells. Very interested in this kit I have a few buells laying around. Can you send me details?

  • Dante

    Hallo, may i know the price of your great kit and also delivery cost to italy?
    thanks, Dante.

  • buellryder12r

    please email me any info on prices and availability i must build myself a xr1 thank you

  • Ryuji Takeda MASTERS H-D

    How do you do

    My company and I have also very interested in this kit.

    My company has also racing in the dealer of HD.

    First of all I would like to test as a race bike, but the price of the kit or how much would be

    I expect contact.

  • Todd

    Really enjoyed stumbling upon this. I have always been a big fan of the xr750 flat track racer as well as cafe racers of all kinds. I too would appreciate an email of the kit and parts break down including the cafe racer parts.

    I have a Sportster inspired 100″ S&S Super Stock engine that I built a few years back and would like to put that in this. Would this engine fit as it is based on the same engine? Biggest problem I can think of is clearance.


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