Bottpower in the Motor Bike Expo

This year Bottpower was present in the Verona Motor Bike Expo through our new dealer in Italy, “212” a company managed by Stefano Caracchi, former GP rider (he raced in the 125 and 250 World Championship) that also competed on the Ducati NCR and is a twins fan.

Stefano Caracchi on the BOTT XR1 212

In the show we released the BOTT XR1 “212”, which was one of the attractions of the Motor Bike Expo.

BOTT XR1 212 in Verona MBE

BOTT XR1 212 in Verona MBE

A couple of XR1 frames (both the steel and the titanium version) were also on display, together with the Rotobox rims that will be used on the BOTT XR1R that will race in Pikes Peak in June.

BOTT XR1 212 in Verona MBE

BOTT XR1 212 in Verona MBE

The show was a success and a great experience, we want to say thank you to all the people who came to meet us and to see the bike. We hope to come back to Verona next year!

BOTT XR1 212 in Verona MBE

BOTT XR1 212 in Verona MBE

Thank you Fabio Grandi for the cool photos!

5 replies on “Bottpower in the Motor Bike Expo

  • carlos cojuangco

    Greetings, Beautiful work!! Does the bike already have a retail price for both the steel and titanium frames? What are the specs for the engine(hp and tourque)curves?

    Thank you.


    • David Sánchez

      Hello Carlos, thank you for your kind comment.
      The price depends on the options of each bike. Each one is customized to the customer taste. The titanium frame is still under development, so by the moment we are selling only the steel frame.
      In this case the engine is standard, the only difference is the intake, the exhaust and the mapping, which increases a little bit both the torque and hp curves.
      We offer also the option of mounting a big bore kit with special heads and bigger valves.
      If you want more information, please write me an email to
      Thank you!

  • gwenael

    Dear David,
    I think i already had the opportunity to tell you how much i like very much what you are doing…. and i am still in the same opinion. Bravo.

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