Bottpower cafe racer, version 3

When we published the first renders of our cafe racer, we mentioned that we were working on several designs. This is one of those versions.

Bottpower cafe racer, version 3

The truth is that we make most of these designs just for fun.
As you know, in Bottpower, Ducth designer Hugo van Waaijen takes care of the industrial design and I take care of mechanical design and renders. Anyway Hugo gives me many ideas, opinions, proposals, etc and I do the same with him.
We work together since year 2000, despite he lives in Germany and I live in Spain.

Bottpower cafe racer, version 3
Bottpower cafe racer, version 3

This design uses the same front oil radiator and headlamps of the BOTT XR1. In that way it would be easier to convert one bike into the other one.

Bottpower cafe racer, version 3
Bottpower cafe racer, version 3
Bottpower cafe racer, version 3

This version is quite far from what is common on a cafe racer. Anyway, we like it! What about you, what do you think? We would like to hear your opinions!

27 replies on “Bottpower cafe racer, version 3

  • andyvoytko

    I like this version the best. The line from the bottom of the fairing to the bottom of the cowl has a great flow. Overall, very classic cafe design from the side. Really like the fact that you mixed more a modern feel with the tank and cowl sides.

  • Wayne Molloy

    That looks horn!!!!!!!!
    Not sure about the exhaust though, I would rather see some more of those beautifully crafted pipes extending back with some carbon or titanium mufflers adding to the look, just saying!

  • Troy van Trienen

    Great looking bike. I couldn’t really give any advice on bettering it at all. good work.

  • Brett

    Well done David and Hugo.
    I would like the bike with the following improvement:
    1. Drop the motor in the frame approx 75mm and run twin polished side stainless exhausts a la
    2. All gloss black engine and gearbox.
    3. Nickel plated swing arm and shift lever which is balanced by a polished alloy fairing.
    4. Polished Morad aluminium non flanged alloy rims and polished stainless spokes.
    5. Polished alloy levers.
    6. Being an Aussie, I would opt for a roo skin seat held in place by press studs – a la old school
    race bike.
    7. I would like a softened/ rounded fuel tank. I like the “disco volante” 50’s MV style tank. I believe that a 2″ natural finish old school flip cap wouldn’t look out of place.
    8. It would be difficult to do, but a black anodised, curved (in side elevation) oil cooler would be

    In short, I believe that the substitution of a more curvaceous tank and the fitment of the classic twin side pipes are two design upgrades which would have the most positive impact.


  • Valeriy Sergeevich

    Awesome! Incredible design work! Cyberpunk style! What is the weight of this bike??

  • fabio

    beautiful! I prefer this option being more dynamic and light…..
    probably the tail is too “modern” for a cafe racer but it’s nice.
    I’d prefer a black swingharm
    however visiting your webpage it’s always a pleasure!!!

  • David Sánchez

    Hi Fabio, thank you for your comment. I agree that it is not a very normal cafe racer, but there are already a lot of more “standard” cafe racers. I think that it is interesting to try something a little bit different.

  • Miguel

    Felicitaciones por una muy interesante creación, la moto luce muy bien. Particularmente me gusta la idea de mantener el radiador de aceite y el doble faro superpuesto pero le daría un poco más de trabajo al carenado frontal que me parece demasiado “sencillo”. En cualquier caso la moto tiene un potencial enorme. Enhorabuena!

  • Stefan Elmgren

    This is defenitly the most attarctive of your Caféracer versions, I like it very much, it has great flow.
    Both classic and modern feeling. The upper body siluette reminds slightly on Harley XRTT.
    I also like the orange details, maybe you could even add some more.
    Will you do any rendering of this version with Buell wheels and fork?

  • David Sánchez

    Hi Stefan, thank you for your feedback.
    Yes, I will definitely will make renders with the Buell wheels, as I had several requests to do it.
    I also agree about trying a few more orange details. I will try it.

  • MK

    Very impressive!
    I really like what you guys are doing with this concept. Your passion & talent really shine through in these designs.
    The American Market would love this machine.
    I wish good luck & fortune to you & yours.
    Best regards’

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