Probably the final resoult will be quite different to what you can see in these images, but looking at them you will have a good idea about what’s going on with the BOTT XR-1 project.

BOTT XR-1 CAD concept.

The BOTT XR-1 is a bike based on a Buell, who acts as a donor of wheels, suspensions, brakes, engine and swingarm. The intention is to create a motorbike with flattrack aesthetics, based on the Harley XR 750 racers. To build this bike we had to design a central spine chassis. We will give more details about this chassis in following posts.

BOTT XR-1 CAD concept.

The idea about building this bike is from Ramón Bellosta, the guy who asked us to build this chassis. I think it is a very good idea because the BOTT XR-1 will be very funny to ride. The Harley XR1200 is the most similar thing you can find on the market, but while the Harley weights 250 kgs and has 85 HP, the BOTT XR-1 will weight 170 kgs, will have more than 100 HP, and it will have much more agressive geometries, so it will be a much more agile bike.

BOTT XR-1 CAD concept.

Ramón will finish the bike following his taste, but in Bottpower we couldn’t avoid to make some renders to explore the aesthetic possibilities of this concept. It is very probable that we continue making renders during the following weeks, testing different ideas.

BOTT XR-1 CAD concept.

If the project stirs up enough interest we will think about making a kit, so anybody interested could be able to build a BOTT XR-1 starting from a Buell.
Here you can see the images at higher resolution.

115 replies on “BOTT XR-1

  • paolo tiramani

    power to weight and practical daily driver riding position
    i believe a kit would sell in the US
    solidworks ?

  • jim

    Wow! Very nice design. I might be interested in something like this.. I’d like to see it actually built.

  • Bruce Laubenheimer

    I Like it… The only things I don’t like on my XB12STT are the fan and the access to the spark plugs. I tend to ride my XR1200 more. Although I would convert my Buell to this and paint it Mirage Orange.

    • David Sánchez

      Hi Bruce,
      The XR-1 doesn’t have the fan, because it has a central spine chassis and not a twin spar which is around the engine. Spark plugs are also fully accesible.
      Thank you for you comment… 🙂

  • Greg

    Ramon has a GREAT idea!
    Will the central spine chassis still utilize rubber motor mounts to reduce engine vibration? If so, I would be very interested in a kit.

  • tyler

    change the bars and the pipe AND GET ME A GET OF JAIL FREE CARD…

  • David Sánchez

    Than you for your interest in the XR-1.

    Hi Bruce, we will think seriously about making it.

    Greg, yes it is a great idea. When he explained it to me, I was instantly convinced that it would be a great and funny bike.
    Yes, we keep the rubber mounts of the chassis. Regarding vibrations the feeling should be the same of a Buell.

    Hi Tyler, I’m glad that you like the idea. It doesn’t seem that Harley has a very open mind…

  • Domenico

    David, great work you do at Bottpower, congrats!
    Me too would be interested in a kit, hope that works out soon. Also I know few people that would be interested in a Moto2 kit as well (frame, swingarm, bodywork and fuel tank). Do you plan to sell that as well?

    • David Sánchez

      Hi Domenico, I am glad that you are interested in the kit. We already started building the first unit, so I think that in some weeks we will have some news abou it.
      Regarding the Moto2, we will inform about the different possibilities to buy it very soon. Thank you!

  • Bill

    When are you going to produce this kit? I gotta have one. I’ll sell the other ride to get this!! The idea of buying a Buell and your kit is excellent! You have to sell it here in the US. Already looking for lighting ideas.

  • David Sánchez

    Hi Bill, thank you for your interest. We are already working on the first prototype fabrication.
    We will sell it in the US, of course. In following posts we will provide proposals for lighting and other deails.

  • Daniel

    I have a 03 Buell XB9 currently. If you guys would make this as a kit. I would certainly kill for it! This is absolutely gorgeous and I LOVE the rawness of it. Please, please make this happen.

  • Bruce Laubenheimer

    The only questions I have are , what will the pricing be for the frame, since it looks like you would use a lot of donor parts from the Buell. Will the frame come with a manufacturer’s statement of origin so that it could be titled and built as a Street Tracker. Or is your intention for off road use only?

  • David Sánchez

    Glen, thank you for your support.

    Bruce, the intention is to make it street legal. Of course there is an homologation issue which is different in each country. I think that in US is quite easy compared with european countries, for example.

    Jamal, thank you for your interest. We will keep posting about the design development and first prototype construction.

  • Barry

    David, that bike is the coolest tracker bar none I have seen. Makes the harley
    xr1200 look like a turd. Just change the buell tractor muffler out and its perfect! This thing would sell big time! Definately build it !

  • Mackenzie

    this is exactly what ive been looking for. I would definitely buy a kit if it cam out. not crazy about the rear fender shape… but nonetheless. Winning!

  • Wilco

    Only a XR dirttrack or scrambler style exhaust ((maybe STORZ ? ) and some rougher Pirelli Scorpion tyres it is perfect David !

  • David Sánchez

    Hi Barry, thank you, for sure we will build it.

    Hi Mackenzie, for sure it wouldn’t be difficult to adapt any other tail if you find another one that you like more. Thank you for your support!

    Hi Wilco, I’m glad you like it, of course the interesting thing is that you can customize a bike like this to adapt it to your preferences. Thank you!

  • djvomit

    Wow! The only time in my life I ever considered getting a Harley product. As for the pipes they could easily be custom made to your taste (I can make you a set : ). I would consider one but to be street legal in Canada you need; blinkers, minimum one mirror, horn, front light… Not sure it would not look as beautiful as the actual rendition.

    Artists like you guys make the world a nicer place. Thank you

  • Randy

    I think it is perfect. However, I think there is one additional model you should consider. I think you should also prototype a kit using the Buell XB chassis. For example, use the tail section this bike has but come up with a XR – style tank to use over the frame spars. You could recess it down into the frame spars and then maybe go on top of the faux tank and use a small “intake scoop” to allow for the injector and airbox height.

  • David Sánchez

    Hi djvomit, well, it is not a Harley… 🙂
    I think it will look nice with all those things, we will see after some weeks..

    Hi Randy, thank you for your suggestion, we will think about it.

    Adam, we can not give a price, yet. We are working on that. We will give it after the first prototype fabrication. We are working to be able to give a competitive price.

    Aaron, thank you. 🙂

    Pete, we will try it. I think it will be very very close!

  • ken newell

    wow. i’ll fly the flag for you on New Zealand.
    that is beautiful. my XB12 ulysses is waiting.


  • Joel Cumberland

    You build this and I will buy it!

    This is what the XR-1200 should have been.

    Great work guys.

  • David

    What model Buell is the donor bike? Older ones like the M-2 are getting harder to find.

    • David Sánchez

      Hi David, Donor bikes must be Buell XB, I don’t know if M2 engines have exactly the same mounting points location. If the chassis mounting points are the same, then I think that it would be possible to use a M2 as a donor bike.

  • brian

    I would rock the hell out of that in a SM set up with lights, plate and a Blast set up.
    secondary topic…. will the blast motor work for that chasis ?!?

    • David Sánchez

      Hi Brian, I don’t know if the blast has the same mounting points, but I doubt it, so I don’t think that the XR-1 chassis would work for a blast engine.

  • fabio

    really fantastic, something missing in the market, I’ve a wonderful buell, but, if the kit will be available, I’ll convert mine……..
    move forward and let we know!!!
    ciao fabio

  • Kostas

    Count me in for a bike like this . Even a kit for a buell … Beautyful bike I hope you really consider to give people the joy of this bike .. Keep us up to date please . …..

  • Jimmy

    This is probably the sickest thing I’ve ever seen. Someone took a bag full of sexy and went to town on this bike!

  • Ramon Bellosta

    Hi Krugger, thanks for your interest. We are ready to start the bike. Sweet Iron XR of yours 😉

  • sweatmark

    Simultaneously elegant & raw. Perfect, or nearly so.

    My Buell XB sits in the garage awaiting transformation via your frame. I might choose a different tail section for my own project, and consider a fuel tank with larger capacity in order to give the bike “longer legs”.

    We look forward to more information about frame/kit availability.

  • Gene

    I think the proportions are perfect. This is a beautiful combination of a traditional engine design and modern racing technology. Perhaps you might have better success with a donor motorcycle that isn’t owned by backwards thinking people. Triumph comes to mind. Awesome.

  • Troy

    I just love this project and really hope the result is as good as the image. I get quite disappointed when you se ea great rendering then the actual product doesnt match so I wish you well.

  • David Sánchez

    Hi Gene, thank you for your comment.
    This project started because a customer (Ramón Bellosta) asked us to do it, but of course we are open to do other projects based on other engines/bikes. Anyway we are having a lot of fun with this project, working on a Buell, I think they are very interesting bikes, with their own technical solutions, and also very funny to ride.

    Hi Troy, I am glad you like it. I think that the final resoult will be very close to the render. I think that what you say use to happen in big companies, when you have designers making nice sketches by one side, and then marketing people trying to adapt the product to the market, and engineers trying to adapt it to mass production.
    We are so small that the same persons do all the work. Also, we use CAD as an engineering tool, so what we draw is what we build.

    • David Sánchez

      Hi Mike, you can subscribe to our blog in the textbox located in the left column. Then you will be informed of all the steps forward in the project.

  • Jim

    David, two questions… When and how much? I’d buy this kit today is available and reasonable. Perhaps even if it was slightly unreasonable. Any renderings of a steetable versions with a headlight, mini turn-signals and plate? Eagerly awaiting the release details.

    • David Sánchez

      Hi Jim. In two months I think we will have the first prototype and we will know how much.
      Price will be reasonable, for sure.
      We will work on those renders.

  • Charles Price

    I own a 1200 xb and would love to convert it to this design. This would be the radest bike in town!
    And I live in Los Angeles

  • Don

    I have a Buell I’m looking to purchase just to do this.
    How much would the kit be?
    Are you going to do it?

  • Richard Fell

    Already have a Buell S1 Lightning and one of the last 2010 XB12SX bikes. I’d buy another XB if you are going to do the kit. I’ve even got one of Evel Knievels old 1972 XR750 fuel tanks that I could use.! Awesome !! Any idea on price yet ?

  • David Sánchez

    We don’t know the exact price yet, but we think that the cost of the basic kit (frame+subframe) could be around 3000 euros.
    We will sell the rest of the parts (fueltank, seat, etc) separatedly, so there will be freedom to customize the bike with different parts if somebody wants to do it.

  • Dallara

    I’d buy a kit for a Buell in a heartbeat if you produced one, and I already own an XR1200. Your bike is what the XR1200 really should have been. Where do I send the deposit?

    • David Sánchez

      Hi Dallara, thank you for your interest in the XR-1, we are working on that (first chassis is already built) and the kit will be available in a few months. We will inform about all the steps in our website.

  • Marco

    Hi David,
    I have a 2002 Buell X1 lightning. Is it possible to use this kit for my bike? And do you think it will sold in Europe as well? Well done guys… it looks amazing!!!

  • Grant Crandall

    Well, what is the latest on this bitchen machine. It blows the HD XR1200 out of the water, I want one…

  • Grant Crandall

    I just noticed the foot pegs mounted on the primary case. I have ridden a bike with this set up and it put my feet to sleep. Be aware of this.

  • jason

    just wanted to say i would buy the frame your making soon as they are ready for the pubic. that is the cleanest thing ive seen in a while. thumps up!!!! keep up the good work

  • Dohn

    I will buy a kit when available. I like it alot. Put me on your mail list and keep me posted please.

  • Ryan

    That looks incredible. Let me know when the kit comes out, and how much it will cost to pick it up. I was looking at the Ryca bobber conversion of the Suzuki S40, but wanted something with more highway capabilities. I’ll keep this website on my radar for updates.

  • Jeff

    Yes very sharp look. I am looking to do a project bike right now and had thought I would use a KZ platform to start with, but I really like the ideas you have here. Any chance of seeing some as it is now pics? How is the frame working out?

  • Jeff

    My fault for not looking further for the pictures! New question; How is this frame handling the torque from the engine?

    • David Sánchez

      Hi Jeff, we didn’t test the bike yet.
      Anyway we don’t expect any problem on that side, because the swingarm is clamped directly to the engine. So the assembly engine-swingarm-rear wheel remains the same as the original Buell.

  • Mike P.

    Your XR renedering is the most beautiful motorcycle I have seen. The idea Harley had with the nostalgic influence was a good idea. I know Street Trackers are gaining quite a following. I, along with many others would buy a kit. Looking for a Buell as I write this. Thank you for sharing, and please consider offering a kit.

    Thank you.


  • Greg

    Just checking on progress. Grant has a valid point about footpeg mounting. Even though the majority of engine movement is probably toward the front of the engine and is probably less toward the rear where the engine movement pivots around the rear engine mount, I think it would be better to have the footpegs mounted to the frame and not the primary or transmission.
    What is the black triangular object behind the rear cylinder? Is that an auxilary fuel tank that contains the fuel pump?

  • David Sánchez

    Hi Greg,

    I agree with you that it would be better to have the footpegs mounted to the frame, but that would complicate things a lot. By the moment we will clamp them to the engine and we will see how it goes.
    The object behind the rear cylinder is the auxiliary fueltank, and yes, it contains the fuel pump.

  • Rick A

    I love the concept. It should make for a very capable machine and a good alternative.

    On engine mounting questions, this would not work for tube frame models, but will work for Buell Blasts with some creativity. The tube frame bikes use H-D style isolators much like those on H-D Evo touring bikes and FXR’s.

    My only suggestion is to keep that front tie bar mount as on the XB. Otherwise, the chassis will be so flexible it can be moved laterally by hand, and the front isolator will not last long.

    I’ve been using similar case-mounted rearsets on my S1 for many years daily and have never found them to be a problem. The vibration is similar to the pre-rubber mount XL’s. Ride with boots and it’s not an issue.

  • David Sánchez

    Hi Rick,

    I’m glad that you like the bike, thank you.
    Regarding the front tie bar, the bike feels really rigid without it, it can’t be moved laterally at all. We have been testing a Buell XB without it and the rider can not feel any difference.
    Thank you for your input with the footpegs, it is good to know it. 🙂

  • Jim Gammon

    I have seen the different front plate headlight designs. Instead of something cutting edge and quirky, why not something simple and straight forward like two of the smaller lights side by side near the bottom. That way you will still have plenty of room to put a number above the lights for that full race look and still be streetable.

  • Russ G

    I want one!!! This is such a great design. It is also very smart to sell the frame and parts separately because it allows each person to customize it just the way they like. Buell’s are cheap in the USA. The final cost should be very resonable to build a truely unique and fun bike. Cheers.

  • Marco

    Hi David! I write from Italy and, as all the other guys that posted comments here I really love this project. Of course, as many other asked the important questions are two: When and how much? I am interested in a personal project and I have to decide which donor byke to purchase and this depends on the project. If I am sure that I can purchase your frame and the other parts at a reasonable price I could choose to purchase a used xb, otherwise I would buy a M2 or X1 and keep the stock frame. Let me know asap pls!!!

  • Jim Sutton

    I have been with the Buell stunt team here in the US since they started the XB’s, and until they ended it.. we are still riding them! Love what you are doing. How can I contact someone about this project?

  • Jim Sutton

    What are you doing for wire harness? I know the Lighting and Firebolt wiring is different. firebolt has more wire in the front, and the lightning is in the rear. I am just not seeing a lot of space for it.

  • Jim Sutton

    So if you are using the one for under the tail you are using the standard LIGHTNING harness correct? not the one from a FIREBOLT. is that correct?

  • Kevin

    Hey Guys,Have an xb,love it! Also have storz alloy tank/ seat combo waiting for something cool to do, will these parts fit your frame kit?

    • David Sánchez

      Hi Pete,
      Thank you for your interest in the XR-1 project.
      We are not selling the kit yet and we don’t have a defined price yet.
      We hope to have some news about it very soon.

  • Sloco

    Badass! Been staring at it for years now and it’s still my ultimate back road street bike. I REALLY like Sportsters and love Supermotards for street riding and I wish Buell could have gone to this point. I would love to have something like this. Just beautiful!

  • Paul

    Why is progress so sloowwwww?
    Come on, get moving! We are all waiting to give you money!!
    What about selling plans for the bike if you cannot finish the project yourself.
    Did the prototype pass the certification yet?
    What about some photos of the bike running?

    Put me on the waiting list anyway!!

  • just another seven foot doofus

    …I want one, I want one NOW!!! PLMK when the kit becomes available, I have an XB12 with frame damage that’s in need of a new life…

    • David Sánchez

      Hi “just another seven foot doofus”, thank you for your interest on the XR1. It will be necessary to wait a little bit (but not too much). 🙂

  • Junior

    I love this bike but who is building it? I thought it belonged to Twin Motorcycles in the Netherlands.

  • KC

    While it may be a great flat tracker, when I look at that bike all I see is a Torque monster stunt bike. With the right mount points for a cage that thing would be light, thing, and have all the right tools to offer something different to a stunt community.


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