BOTT XR-1, work in progress.

As you can see in the pictures, the BOTT XR-1 project continues going ahead. The base of the bike is already built and currently we are working on the fibers (fueltank, seat and front numberplate).

BOTT XR-1, first prototype.

BOTT XR-1, first prototype.

Now we enter a phase of the project in which details are very important. The final version of this BOTT XR-1 first unit will have a lot of special parts: a silencer coming from the race kit (the unit of the photos is the standard one), we will change the handlebar, wheels, brake pump, brake lines… etc.

BOTT XR-1, first prototype.

BOTT XR-1, first prototype.

If everything goes all right, the bike will be ready in autumn. Meanwhile we will keep explaining the project advances. You can see more photos at higher resolution in our Flickr gallery.

12 replies on “BOTT XR-1, work in progress.

  • mike chandler

    how much are you guys pricing just the frame so i can build a bike around it.

  • Yann

    Nice !
    But how it works with the numbers we have on the frame in France ?
    Is it legal to put this frame in France ???

  • David Sánchez

    Hi Yann,
    In the following months, Ramón, the owner of the BOTT XR-1 we are building right now, is going to homologate the bike as a prototype here in Spain. I don’t think that this is going to be a very hard process. We will inform about this process in our blog.

  • Charlie

    You should contact a TV show that is running in the US called Cafe Racer. It is a weekly series that runs on HD Discovery channel and follow builds from old to new bikes of cafe racer type bikes. (Not chopper like.) Most of it is in the US but some of it in England. I think this project would be interesting to them and the motorcycle culture in Spain would also be interesting. Their site:

  • David Sánchez

    Hi Jake, I don’t know for sure, but in principle I don’t think so…

    Hi Charlie, thank you for sharing your thoughts, we will try it, it is a good idea… 🙂

  • Stefan Elmgren

    Hi David
    You may already have answered to this question.

    I have an old (92) Sportster engine that is bored out to 1475cc (90ci) and equipped with Buell Thunderstorm heads.

    Would it be possible to fit this engine to your frame?
    What modifications would be required to the engine?

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