BOTT XR-1, assembling the first prototype.

We had sometime without talking about the BOTT XR-1. The project is very advanced, the main parts are already fabricated and currently we are assembling the bike and finishing all the details. This is a task that takes time if you want to do a quality job.

The next photo shows the XR-1 front, we already placed the oil radiator, the lights and the steering lock, which is located in the same position than in the original Buell XB.
You also can see that we assembled an Easton handlebar and CNC machined triple clamps.

The bike already has its fueltank. We developed it in collaboration with Technical Composites, the same company that fabricates our Moto2 bodyworks. This fueltank is glassfiber, but taking profit of Technical Composites last generation autoclave, we are working also in a carbon fiber version.

The lower face of the fueltank is designed to adapt to the shape of our chassis and the Buell engine, in order to maximize the fueltank capacity.

The fueltank is clamped to the chassis through 3 rubber silentblocks, to avoid any possible problem due to vibrations. We use only one bolt to fix it, located in the rear area of the fueltank.

During the next days we will show more pictures of the bike assembly process. As always you will find bigger size photos in our Flickr Gallery.

11 replies on “BOTT XR-1, assembling the first prototype.

  • Daniel

    YES! I’ve been anxiously awaiting more information on this beauty! I cannot wait to see the final product and also the final pricing. Very, very interested!

  • Izzy

    Hi guys
    This is the shit my heart is waiting for ! ! ! Pls keep us update ! ! !


    Izzy Dillon

  • fab55

    you’re doing a fantastic job. already the naked frame is amazing.
    Hugo proposal n 2 seems to me really intriguing, a potential contemporary cafe racer.
    I’m waiting for more detail and pictures (pricing too).
    but tell me about the frame, what’s the base whell? is the geometry of the steering head the same as buell xb? thanks and the bast compliment to your baby
    ciao fabio carafa

  • Daniel

    MORE! MORE! MORE! We need more pictures. More status updates! Just setup a live camera that takes a new photo and posts to a website every 15-20 minutes.

    Seriously though. The suspense is killing me. I’d love to see more images. Of anything!

    Thanks for putting up with our hassling. Hope everything is coming nicely.

  • David Sánchez

    Hi Daniel, we will think about the live camera… 😛
    We will add new photos soon. We are just waiting for the seat/tail, which is the last part we need to complete the bike.

  • XLR8Ron

    Nearly perfect!! Make the kit!! Will you take a healthy kidney for one?? I enjoy the XR1200 but there’s no way it should be nearly 600#s.
    Buells perform gr8 but their mothers don’t even like to look @ them, and their too cramped
    for (older) taller humans. You’ve hit a bullseye, and I hope you find your concept marketable!!

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