About the BOTT XR-1 chassis.

Our previous post about the BOTT XR-1 was covered by a lot of webs and blogs, these are some expamples: The kneeslider, Hell For Leather, trendsnow.net, autoblog.com, asphaltandrubber.com, visordown.com, etc.

The XR-1 also appeared in Spanish paper magazines like Motociclismo or Solomoto30. Spanish magazine Formula Moto is also writing a good article about the XR-1, that will appear in their next issue.

The project generated quite interest so, like we said, we are working on a kit that will allow to transform a Buell into a BOTT XR-1. The chassis design is finished and we already started building the first unit, we will show some photos soon. Meanwhile, because in the previous images the chassis was almost no visible, we have created some new renders to show the chassis details.

If you look carefully the original Buell chassis, you realize that a lot of thought has been dedicated to minimize vibrations going from the engine to the chassis. In the XR-1 chassis design we tried to keep this philosophy, for this reason the main engine clamping points (first one just behind the steering head, the second one at the rear end of the chassis, just above the swingarm) are not stiff, they are made through rubber, just like in the original Buell. There are also two secondary mounting points made using rod ends.
The chassis is prepared to hold a third secondary mounting point in the steering head area. We don’t know yet if we will use this third mounting point, we will decide it depending on our feelings after the first test ride of the bike.

The chassis is made out of steel, and it weights around 10 kgs (22 pounds). The subframe will be bolted to the main frame through four mounting points.

We will keep informing about this project as we keep going ahead. Like always, you will find higher resolution photos in our Flickr gallery.

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  • rafe03

    While I like the Vib Iso Mounts, they seem very close to a line that won’t be stiff laterally. Possibly 2 soft mounts either side of the fwd head (where the hard mounts are at present) & a hard mount at the frame? Maybe similar ar the rear of the trans?

    Other than that, What a Beauty this will be! GSXR fwd & aft wheels & brakes. Fairing like Britten (min frontal area, shows most of the machinery, low frontal area even if Cd is less than optimum.

    Won’t find many like that around!

    Lotsa Luck Guys!

    Please, keep us all posted.


  • David Sánchez

    Hi rafe03, thank you for you comment and for your interest in the XR-1 project.
    We are using the isolastic system that is working great on the Buell XB, so it should work great in our bike. Of course if after testing the bike we are not happy with it we will modify everything that could be necessary. You can be sure that when we release the XR-1, it will handle at least as well (or even better) as a Buell XB.

  • anders

    Lateral stiffness is definitely a concern. When you’re done with the kit you should make a version for the 1125! Keep up the good work.

  • Daniel Mast

    Looking forward to this! Seriously interested and very glad that you are pursuing it! Can’t wait to see the “real life” images. Any estimations of where it may fall on price point? I have to start saving up.

    • David Sánchez

      Hi Daniel, if everything goes well I think we will be testing the first prototype in two months. We will have a good idea about the price by then. We are working to make it very affordable.

  • Daniel Mast

    David, thank you for your response! I seriously look forward to hearing what comes of this. I am very excited about the possibilities. It would certainly be of huge interest to myself and many others. Thank you for looking to place such an item in regular consumers grasps!

  • Clemson

    I saw this incredible project that is bond to see the light of day on Kneeslider.com and ca,e right over to suck up everything you have to offer along with the input of others and I love it even more. I think I found my next project. Thanks and please keep me posted.


  • Andrew

    Totally enamored with this design & project, the clean look of a single spine chassis is to me the perfect match to a v-twin motor. As long as it functions right and doesn’t flex like bamboo. This may be getting a little off track, but I had been tossing similar ideas around on cocktail napkins using a Ducati 900ss motor, technically the last air cooled, carb’ed sport bike motor. Do you see any possibilities there yourself? Not sure what the engineering stresses would be, guessing you’ve done a lot more of that math, but it seems possible and compelling to me. Lots of old Monsters and the like kicking around out there…

    • David Sánchez

      Hi Andrew, thank you for you comment, it is an interesting subject.
      There is a difference between the Buell and the Ducati engine, in the Buell the mounting points are in the middle plane of the bike, in the Ducati engine the mounting points have an offset from the middle plane. Of course it is possible to make a central spine chassis, although the design won’t be as clean as the Buell.
      Regarding flex, there is no problem, it is a question of diameter and wall thickness of the main tube.

  • Mark Wells

    Hello David, Hugo and the rest of the team,

    I just wanted to say what a nice project this is.

    It reminds me a lot of the Mac Motorcycles project we have been working on http://mac-motorcycles.com/ which uses a Buell Blast Engine. The world needs more motorcycles like this, accessible fun and cool. I really wish you all the best and will follow with avid enthusiasm!

    Best regards

    • David Sánchez

      Hi Mark,

      It’s nice to read you here. 🙂
      Thank you for your kind comment, I am glad that you like the XR-1 project.
      I loved the Mac Motorcycles since I saw the first sketches. You have created really nice stuff!!
      Best regards,


  • David Morgan

    I have built a couple of flattrackers but NONE have captured me like this bike! I would like to buy a kit and build one and can’t wait for you to make them available. In closing all I can say is that Mr. Sanchez and crew have outdone themselves…. Please build them,… p.s. put me on your buyers waiting list.

  • david cash

    i know your not using the frame but the swing arm is different on the older tube frames im really interested in changing mine over to look like the xr1 let me know what and when the kits will be out thasnkyou

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